97 Days, Still Haven’t Got Paid

97 days….after the weekend it will be a hundred…

So why does Allan Klepfisz & Lance Ford insist on not paying on one hand, yet do not claim anything against on the other hand?

Are they trying to figure out how the public depicts a company, once knowing it has bad moral and values? if it has any aversive impact at all?
Well, it worth them a little bit over $300K. This is what they owe to 8 members of staff, for months and months of work at Qtrax, in its subsidiary in Tel Aviv.

So here is a way to save a buck – open a subsidiary abroad, as a daughter company, and you can bail on behalf of the corporate veil…

Ask Allan, Lance, and the mysterious Chai Eu Ong, or maybe the former federal candidate of the Christian Democratic Party of Australia, Mr. Arie Baalbergen.

Qtrax's Lance Ford and Allan Klepfisz
Lance Ford and Allan Klepfisz

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