Take a Walk Through Qtrax’s Website

I was just browsing around Qtrax’s new website. Yep, it looks good, with bright colors, effects, parallax and everything.

And the text is impressive as well. One of my favorite quotes is: “You want to know what differentiates us? Everything!”. Well Qtrax, does “everything” include not paying your own employees, while other companies do?

Another gem is “And we do give a damn about songwriters & performers”. Too bad you don’t give a damn about people who worked for you. You know, these funny people who came to your office every morning.

And of course, how can we ignore “Artists have been truly underpaid and exploited in the digital age”. Being underpaid sucks, no doubt; Now, what do you think about not being paid at all?

And as a finale chord, look at this: “It’s time to redress the situation and “put our money where our mouth is””. Well, go for it. Want to be fair? PAY YOUR EMPLOYEES!


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