Thank You Facebook Search!

A few days ago, Facebook has announced a very important feature in its business life – from now on, Facebook Search will return anything the user is allowed to see from its 2 trillion posts. That includes public posts by all people and Pages, not just friends and Pages Liked as before. For Facebook it means it’s challenging Google’s top feature, but for us it means a lot more.

Now, every time any person will search Facebook for Qtrax or for Allan Klepfisz, the results will be astounding. I can only imagine a person doing some research, typing these strings, pressing “Enter” and then… Kaboom! A sh*t load of posts, all describing in detail Qtrax’s status and Allan Klepfisz’s doings. You can’t miss this kind of presence, the message is clear.

C’mon now, take the Facebook Search for a spin with Qtrax and Allan. It’s a treat! Here, just click on the links:

Search for Qtrax on Facebook

Search for Allan Klepfisz on Facebook


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