Ethical issues in the music industry


‘What do you want to do when you’ll be older?’

‘I want to be a star!’

This is one of the most common answer that we get from a 6-year-old girl. Why?

Well, music is a big business, attracting million of people interest. It looks ‘cool’  to be a star and to sing in front of thousands of people.

According to the Digital Music Report 2012, the revenue of digital music grew by 8 per cent globally in 2011 that represents an estimated US$5.2billion. Music is everywhere and part of our daily life. Think about it: Can you notice one single day where you don’t hear any music? Even on television ads, or films, at the cafeteria or from the ringtone of your phone? Your answer is certainly no.

Music interferes more and more nowadays and it is not just a matter of entertainment through concerts and spectacles. Indeed, music has different purposes, for example: accompany…

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Zirtual Employees Left Without their Salaries, Qtrax-Style

Woke up this morning, and was surprised to see the article about the unexpected shut down of Zirtual. Well, definitely not as surprised as Zirtual’s employees, who suddenly found themselves without a job, and furthermore –  without the salaries they’re supposed to receive. Sounds somewhat familiar to former Qtrax employees.

“I always knew I was going to get my paycheck, until today… I expected to get paid this Friday, and that’s not happening.”, said Carol Murrah of Zirtual. We truly sympathize and empathize your situation, dear Carol and all other Zirtual employees. We, who used to work for Qtrax, know how you must feel. Remember guys, there are about 400 of you. Don’t give up, you’ve got the power. As you advance in your careers and leave this sh*t behind, do whatever you can to get what you deserve. It’s yours. No reason to throw that away. We know we didn’t.

Zirtual Standby Message