Going to Liquidation!

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas to everyone! Have you been you good kids and worked hard, or have you been naughty and kept your employees’ salaries to yourself? Well, for both cases, guess what Santa has brought straight from court!

Employees vs Qtrax

For those of you who can’t read Hebrew, this document is stating that Qtrax Global Distribution Ltd will be liquidated by The Tel-Aviv District Court. The Official Receiver in Tel Aviv will be the temporary liquidator and he will gather up the creditors.

In short, Qtrax is going down. this is the first domino block falling, the bottom card being pulled from the pyramid, however you want to call it. Or, like the Wizard of Oz said: “Oh, you liquidated her, eh? Very resourceful!”.


Thank You Facebook Search!

A few days ago, Facebook has announced a very important feature in its business life – from now on, Facebook Search will return anything the user is allowed to see from its 2 trillion posts. That includes public posts by all people and Pages, not just friends and Pages Liked as before. For Facebook it means it’s challenging Google’s top feature, but for us it means a lot more.

Now, every time any person will search Facebook for Qtrax or for Allan Klepfisz, the results will be astounding. I can only imagine a person doing some research, typing these strings, pressing “Enter” and then… Kaboom! A sh*t load of posts, all describing in detail Qtrax’s status and Allan Klepfisz’s doings. You can’t miss this kind of presence, the message is clear.

C’mon now, take the Facebook Search for a spin with Qtrax and Allan. It’s a treat! Here, just click on the links:

Search for Qtrax on Facebook

Search for Allan Klepfisz on Facebook

All Quiet on the Eastern Front?

So, what’s new with Qtrax’s shenanigans?

Well, this time it seems there’s a new company, established in the UK. My guess is that Allan Klepfisz & Lance Ford’s new endeavors will go now using “Qtrax East Limited“.
If you perform a quick search, you’ll find that on June 24th 2015, a new company was born, led by one director – guess who… Wait for it… Allan Mark Klepfisz!
“….Qtrax East Limited was established in the year 2015 as a Private Limited Company. It has been operating for 3 months, and the firm’s current status is Active. The Company was established under the registration number 09655029.
The registered office of Qtrax East Limited is situated at Wsp House, 70 Chancery Lane, London. You can also find this company by Postal Code: WC2A 1AF.
The company is classified under SIC Code 0 for None Supplied.
Company has been using the name “Qtrax East Limited” since its incorporation.
Since founding, the company has been led by one director – Allan Mark Klepfisz…”

Now, would you do business with any of the Qtrax companies? Qtrax Global Holdings? Qtrax Inc.? Qtrax Global Distribution LTD? Brilliant Technologies Corp.? Or this new Qtrax East Limited?

Remember – they haven’t bothered to pay their debts to their own employees. If you’re planning to do business with them, why should they bother paying you?

97 Days, Still Haven’t Got Paid

97 days….after the weekend it will be a hundred…

So why does Allan Klepfisz & Lance Ford insist on not paying on one hand, yet do not claim anything against on the other hand?

Are they trying to figure out how the public depicts a company, once knowing it has bad moral and values? if it has any aversive impact at all?
Well, it worth them a little bit over $300K. This is what they owe to 8 members of staff, for months and months of work at Qtrax, in its subsidiary in Tel Aviv.

So here is a way to save a buck – open a subsidiary abroad, as a daughter company, and you can bail on behalf of the corporate veil…

Ask Allan, Lance, and the mysterious Chai Eu Ong, or maybe the former federal candidate of the Christian Democratic Party of Australia, Mr. Arie Baalbergen.

Qtrax's Lance Ford and Allan Klepfisz
Lance Ford and Allan Klepfisz