What’s the Story with Qtrax’s Patent?

This is so weird and confusing. Can someone enlighten us please?
Through our online search, we found a formal document of a patent, that was assigned to Sony Music Entertainment by Qtrax on June 2014.
Qtrax told The Telegraph reporter, that they didn’t have the funds, and therefore had to turn their back on their own staff, and left without paying salaries.
According to online publications, Sony is the 4th biggest patent owner in the US (see also this). We definitely don’t think Sony buys anything for dimes & nickels.
So first, IF Qtrax sold Sony a patent, why they didn’t use these funds to pay us? What did they use the funds for?
And the second question – IF Sony purchased an asset, than why we can’t any records for its price/value in their financial reports of this time period? Isn’t it a public company that must inform its own investors on gains & expenses? We couldn’t find it neither here, here, nor here.

Qtrax Legal Issues?
Qtrax Patent Legal Events

Allan Klepfisz of Qtrax, in his Own Words

In another long and tiring blog post, some seven years ago, in his own blog, Allan Klepfisz writes:
“…. We have a somewhat dated lawsuit going on with a Company called Millenium….We paid them some. And frankly struggled doing it, at the time. I can’t say more than that most of our suppliers have been wonderful. There are sometimes, exceptions. The legal system can decide if this is one. And then there’s Las Vegas Wall Street Group. A quite recent loan that it is claimed, is overdue. And there is a consent to a judgment signed by me. The facts will soon emerge about that also. Oh & just in case, it is deemed to also be newsworthy at some time in the future, there are a couple of outstanding lawsuits with toxic PIPES…
….Ah, but the journalist might say, there is a “pattern” of not paying bills – really? Unlike, so many other start ups, we have NOT gone under, even in the most difficult of times and indeed been willing to give ALL of our personal resources to paying bills & making this work…we certainly have and will use whatever personal resources we have to make Qtrax a success….
….Ah, but the journalist might say, what about the returned checks? Well, we gave checks ahead of time- postdated- (when we didn’t have money) based on promises of funding. And we were wrong in our belief it was coming. But we have found alternative funding and item by item, have been paying for EVERYTHING…..
…Ah, but the journalist might say, what about the lawsuits? Too high a number for things to be regular. I don’t know about the number. I know about the genesis and they each had their cause – sometimes an injustice we would not abide by, often just shortage of money…
….Ah, but the journalist might say, Klepfisz is “unreliable”. When it comes to launch dates, in the past, he is right. And he would be right about many other software producers. Including the largest…
….When it comes to having the requisite funds, when promised, he is also right. Sometimes, because of broken promises of others, we did not have the requisite funds. But we found them in due course…
…But if the “unreliable” word is intended to smear my honesty or decency, then I won’t tolerate it….”

Seven years after. More lawsuits. More debts. More delays in launching – but above all, more broken promises (“most of the debt in the coming days”, 3+ months ago), and more excuses.

Is it a profile? Something that repeats itself in a different disguise every few years? Are we ever gonna see anything from our lost salaries? Can we ever trust any word from Allan Klepfisz?
How many years have the music labels been doing business with Qtrax and let them use the best legal music catalogue, while Qtrax is involved with so many legal issues over these years?

Does anyone want to enlighten us?

Take a Walk Through Qtrax’s Website

I was just browsing around Qtrax’s new website. Yep, it looks good, with bright colors, effects, parallax and everything.

And the text is impressive as well. One of my favorite quotes is: “You want to know what differentiates us? Everything!”. Well Qtrax, does “everything” include not paying your own employees, while other companies do?

Another gem is “And we do give a damn about songwriters & performers”. Too bad you don’t give a damn about people who worked for you. You know, these funny people who came to your office every morning.

And of course, how can we ignore “Artists have been truly underpaid and exploited in the digital age”. Being underpaid sucks, no doubt; Now, what do you think about not being paid at all?

And as a finale chord, look at this: “It’s time to redress the situation and “put our money where our mouth is””. Well, go for it. Want to be fair? PAY YOUR EMPLOYEES!

Would YOU Leave Unclaimed Mail in the Post Office?

What person leaves mail unclaimed with the post office?
A person that hides from something? Or every common person, that has nothing to worry about?

Why then Allan Klepfisz uses various version of the same office address? Why doesn’t he claim his mail, and leaves the post office to return to sender?

Check out the links below, at least that what they suggest. Let me count:

One unclaimed mail

Two unclaimed mail

Three unclaimed mail

Four unclaimed mail

Five unclaimed mail

Allan Klepfisz is talking BS
Allan Talking

Qtrax Bouncing Checks

Another reason for us to not trust checks or payment plans from Qtrax – their bounced checks: Would YOU trust a company whose 1.8M check has bounced? And make no mistakes, it was a check to Oracle, not to some poor former employees. And the employees are not even looking for freakin’ 1.8 Million! So, what are the employees chances of getting anything valuable? What do you think we should do?

Bounced check from Qtrax to Oracle

97 Days, Still Haven’t Got Paid

97 days….after the weekend it will be a hundred…

So why does Allan Klepfisz & Lance Ford insist on not paying on one hand, yet do not claim anything against on the other hand?

Are they trying to figure out how the public depicts a company, once knowing it has bad moral and values? if it has any aversive impact at all?
Well, it worth them a little bit over $300K. This is what they owe to 8 members of staff, for months and months of work at Qtrax, in its subsidiary in Tel Aviv.

So here is a way to save a buck – open a subsidiary abroad, as a daughter company, and you can bail on behalf of the corporate veil…

Ask Allan, Lance, and the mysterious Chai Eu Ong, or maybe the former federal candidate of the Christian Democratic Party of Australia, Mr. Arie Baalbergen.

Qtrax's Lance Ford and Allan Klepfisz
Lance Ford and Allan Klepfisz