Why Do You Think YOU Will Be Any Different?

It’s been 123 days since Allan Klepfisz promised Lauren Davidson from The Telegraph, that Qtrax employees will be paid with most of the debt “in the coming days”. Obviously, that didn’t happen. But there’s more than that.

I suggest you read the recent Facebook post written by Qtrax former employees. Allan Klepfisz promised to pay the employees until the last penny. He hasn’t done so, Qtrax hasn’t done so.

Qtrax didn’t pay its suppliers. Qtrax didn’t pay its own employees. Do you think Qtrax will pay you?

Allan Klepfisz hasn’t kept his promise to his own employees. Do you think Allan Klepfisz will keep his promise to you?

Well, if to use a quote – “Some people are immune to good advice”.